Get Clients From Google™ Masterclass Disclaimer

Last updated 4/8/2024

Educational Purpose Only: This masterclass, "Get Clients from Google™," is designed to provide participants with strategic insights and guidance on leveraging Google for client acquisition. Please note that the content delivered is for educational purposes only and is not intended as legal or financial advice. The strategies and information shared are based on practices and algorithms as understood at the time of the class; however, Google's features and algorithms evolve, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy or applicability of this content in the future.

No Guarantee of Success: While we aim to equip you with valuable knowledge and tools to enhance your client acquisition efforts, we cannot promise specific outcomes or success as a result of attending this masterclass. The effectiveness of these strategies will vary depending on numerous factors unique to your situation.

Risk Acknowledgment: Any actions you decide to take upon the information provided in this masterclass are strictly at your own risk. We recommend conducting your own research and, where necessary, consulting with professionals before making business decisions based on the content of this class.

Remember, this masterclass is an independent effort and has not been endorsed, sponsored, or officially associated with Google LLC or its affiliates. Google is a registered trademark of Google LLC. We are committed to delivering high-quality, actionable content to help you achieve your business goals through informed strategies.

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